I am a self-taught sculptor who has been sculpting and making masks for 15 years. My work is a staple of my passion for costuming work and the community that dives into the world of their imagination.

I take great pride in being the sole creator for everything I make. Every piece I offer has gone through a creative process entirely through me. Because of this everything offered is truly handmade including the process to make the pieces I offer. Most of these complicated steps and process are the same used on many film productions today.

All my works of art go through a variety of steps to reach the final piece I offer. Usually starting from a sculpture that is done in clay or digitally. From there it is cleaned up and polished to a finished state that is as perfect as possible before being molded. Once molded each piece is hand cast from the mold before it is trimmed and sent off to you the collector. Most of the steps are labor intensive and are necessary to perfecting the piece to its final glory. These steps are often highlighted on my Facebook page HernandezEFX for those interested in seeing the work that goes into completing a finished piece. 

My goal is to make works of art that become the staple of any collector’s collection or stands out from the rest when wearing at your favorite convention!

I’m always posting pictures of in progress works of art of completed pieces on Instagram feel free to check it out and follow @hernandezefx